Canister Load & Purge System

The RISI Canister Load and Purge System is a state of the art control system designed to be fully adaptable to all of your test needs.  RISI has employed the latest hardware and software available integrated into one package to produce a powerful user friendly system.  RISI’s common platform across all systems minimizes user training and increases ease of operation.


Product Summary

Nominal Dimensions: 62”H x30”W x26”D

Materials: Stainless Steel, Teflon, & Viton wetted parts

Operating Temperature: 65 to 95°F

Power Requirement: 115,200,220V 1Ø 50/60hz

  • Windows XP Operating System
  • Display Builder Utility—user configurable custom displays
  • Test Manager—build or modify test sequences and test functions
  • Log File Editor/Generator
  • Data Analysis & Logging
  • Database Editor—edit all system channels values
  • Calculation Editor—edit system calculations
  • Limits Editor—set limits of channels and functions
  • PID Setup Editor
  • Software Editor User Interface—access to controller utilities and system boot-up configuration
  • I/O Configuration Editor—hardware setup of system
  • Arrays Editor-for time and temp profile editing
  • Test Report Editor—build and edit custom reports
  • CE Approved
  • Compact 19” Portable Cabinet
  • Intrinsically Safe Scale/Flow Compartment
  • Automated Purge Control System
  • Windows XP PC based Control System with Laser Printer
  • 15” Flat Panel Display-Drawer Mount
  • Explosion Proof Scale
  • Simple Test Set Up
  • Fully Automated Procedures
  • Detailed Test Reports
  • Host System Interface
  • Optional Cabinet Designs
  • Optional Add On Load Stations