Custom. Quality. Personal. Competitive.

Established in 1968 as the Instruments Division of Heath International, Richmond Instruments and Systems, Inc. has been developing custom solutions to testing requirements for decades. Some of our current products include Gas and Diesel Engine Emission Analysis Systems, Aircraft Emission Analysis Systems, Emission Sampling Systems, Evaporative Emission Enclosures (SHED), SHED Running Loss Chambers, Environmental Chambers, Canister Conditioning Systems, and Fuel Conditioning Systems. The engineering staff at RISI can develop custom solutions to all of your emission test cell requirements.


  • Digitally controlled emissions analysis & CVS systems

  • Heated dilution air systems for improved exhaust sampling precision

  • Real time fuel conditioning systems

  • Fast response emission analysis systems

  • Low sample volume emission system assembly methods

  • First commercial “bag” style VT SHED

  • First production controlled aspirated SHED

  • Windows 10-Based emission system controls for CVS, SHED, and Emission Analysis Systems applications

  • Common user interface across product lines for reduced operator training requirements

  • Primary Element Control (PEC) for processes including SHED temp control, air flow control, and fuel conditioning systems.

Quality Assurance

  • Delivery of defect-free products and services on-time is assured through full in-house assembly and checkout

  • Emphasis on customer requirements during design

  • Customer factory acceptance testing prior to shipment

Products & Services

  • Quick-turn prototype support for special customer needs

  • Complete “Turn-Key” systems or individual instru- mentation

  • Functional testing and diagnostic capabilities

  • Complete in-house vertical integration for total project management

Engineering Services

  • Emission test training

  • Environmental regulation training

  • Test cell development engineering

  • Custom product design / development


Work progress is tracked using RISI’s computer scheduling system. After assembly is completed and tested, customers are invited to witness pre-shipment checkout. This extra step ensures the quality of the product before delivery, enhances customer satisfaction, and minimizes on-site installation time.