Fuel Conditioning System

RISI has developed cost effective solutions for meeting fuel conditioning requirements for customers world wide. RISI draws on its 30 years of experience in fluid conditioning and fuel handling systems when designing these products. Conditioning systems may be built into existing fuel handling facilities as flow through devices or may be completely independent mobile delivery stations. Fuel conditioning systems can be designed to handle any type of fuel from standard unleaded gasoline or diesel to various blends of test fuels. Contact the engineering staff at RISI to develop custom solutions to all of your emission test cell and fluid handling requirements.

RISI has delivered well over 100 fuel conditioning systems for application utilizing a variety of test fuels including a full range of unleaded fuels at various RVP, diesel fuel, and blends of oxygenated fuels including E85 and 100% methanol. RISI’s products cover the full line of emission equipment required to perform various EPA and CARB mandated procedures. As with all of RISI’s products, fuel conditioning systems are developed with the regulations and regulatory testing in mind.


Fuel Conditioning Systems are custom configurable to meet the needs of any testing requirements. The following are various options and configurations currently available:

  • Complete OR VR fuel conditioning systems. This system allows refueling as specified in the Code of Federal Reg. Title 40, Part 86, Sub B, Sect. 86.107-98
  • OR VR fueling quick connect system
  • Systems that meet NFPA Class 1, Div. 1, Group D requirements
  • Systems that meet U.S. and European electrical standards
  • Compliance with special local codes available
  • 110 VAC single phase to 480 VAC three phase, 50 or 60
  • Hz operation
  • Static grounding
  • Fuel tank temperature indicator
  • Fuel delivery temperature indicators

Fuel Compatibility and Blending Capabilities

RISI fuel conditioning systems can be configured for oxygenated fuels, diesel, or any combination of test fuels. Multi-tank and pump configurations can also be utilized for fuel blending applications.

  • Flow rate indicators
  • Analog output of flow rate & temperature for data acquisition systems
  • Flow status output to data acquisition system
  • Complete remote control capabilities (start/stop/flow rate)
  • Low and high level tank protection
  • Fuel flow safety switch
  • Over temperature protection
  • Automatic nozzle cut off
  • Dependable positive displacement pump
  • Nozzle available vapor recovery and non-vapor recovery configurations
  • Fuel re-circulation system to maintain uniform temperature
  • Fuel heating and cooling
  • R 134a refrigerant systems
  • Fuel temperature control infinitely variable from 40 to 120 +/- 1.5 deg. F
  • Special temperature ranges and tolerances available
  • Infinitely variable flow control from 1 to 12GPM +/-0.1 GPM
  • Special flow ranges available up to 20 GPM
  • Up to 60 gallon tank capacity
  • All stainless steel tank
  • External tank drain
  • Point of delivery conditioning systems also available